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Be bold with your fragrance, live life on the edge!

Fragrance. Be bold or stay safe?

When it comes to our choice of cologne many of us, myself included, tend to stick to what we know. We find a fragrance we like and we use it and use it and… you get the picture.

Staying safe and wearing something familiar that you feel comfortable with is, of course, completely fine. It’s your choice, after all! But perhaps it’s nice to step out of your comfort zone once in a while and try something new.

If citrus scents are your thing, maybe try woody or muskier notes. Or if the masculine tones of sandalwood and cedar are your bag, opt for something fruity or floral.

There are so many fragrances in the world to choose from that sticking with the same bottle could be a waste. You never know, your ideal scent may still be out there!

Gentlemen, stay safe or go bold. The choice is yours!