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Why Fragrance is the go-to Christmas gift

Fragrance. For me, it can be the go-to gift for Christmas.

There aren’t many people who will shun a nice bottle of perfume when it comes all neatly wrapped as a small but beautifully-formed Christmas present. It works on so many levels – you become someone’s personal shopper with your choice of scent, and courtesy of this gift they get to walk around filling the air with their new aroma.

I always have a Christmas Day fragrance. Nothing that smells like stuffing or sprouts or mince pies, if that’s what you’re thinking! I mean a fragrance I choose specifically for the occasion. It’s a big day and I like to make a statement.

So what fragrances do I like, and what do I think would make a good gift?

Well, firstly, does the bottle look good? Does it spray well? Most importantly of all, does it smell fantastic? If it just smells okay, then maybe that’s not going to win the recipient over. Luxurious is what you should aim for – not pricey enough to break the bank, but the fragrance should be elegant, striking, masculine.

I am addicted to fragrance, so I’d be looking for all these. Of course, no one really knows what cologne will hit the right note, but bear in mind the points I’ve raised and I’m sure you won’t be far off the mark.

Anyway, it’s a gift, it’s free – and it’s Christmas!