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Club De Nuit Intense Man. The Statesman.

Club De Nuit Intense Man needs no introduction.

Better known as the best Creed Aventus clone on the market, it really has been making waves in the fragrance world over the past couple of years. However, we at Fragrance GQ feel the term “clone” is getting a little tired.

Aventus as we all know is one, if not the best release from the Creed house in a very long time. Since its launch in 2010, like many other great scents, their have been many clones, Club De Nuit Intense being one… The One! 

Introduced in 2015, after numerous tweaks, improving quality and ever growing popularity, this gem really has become a star fragrance in its own right. Much fruitier, more aromatic and smokier than Aventus, a monster performance and unbelievable staying power, it really does break all records in the compliment steaks!

Lastly, the price – you get what you pay for is the saying we all know. Club De Nuit Intense however is an exception to the rule. At a mere £31.99 for a 105ml bottle compared to the heady price of Aventus, we feel its a complete no brainer, literally proving that you don’t have to bust the bank for that killer cologne!

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