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Eye Colour and Fragrance. Is there a link?

A few weeks ago, while on a very rare coffee break, I began to wonder…

Brown, green, blue, grey… Does eye colour have a part to play in the type of fragrances we wear? This isn’t as outlandish as it may sound. I had thought about it previously, but as I sat, gazing into the sea of people who passed me as I reclined in my chair with my flat white, the thought popped back into my rather chaotic mind.

As lunchers sat down around me at their tables my nose began to twitch, as it often does when I recognise the distinctive aroma of a fine fragrance – in this case, Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino. To my surprise the gentleman, a well-dressed guy in a well-tailored suit, had sapphire blue eyes! If anyone is familiar with the perfume, it comes in a bright cobalt blue bottle.


Maybe. But then I began to think of the types of fragrances I wear. I have deep brown eyes, and never really wear bright colourful perfumes. Woody, musky notes are the ones I’m always drawn to and love. The perfume I had on that day was Aqua Di Parma Colonial Oud. A dark, leathery, woody fragrance that is fantastic to wear.

Again, coincidence?

Maybe so, but it’s definitely something to be conscious of the next time you choose a new cologne, or when you’re at home in front of your collection.

Does your fragrance match or represent your eye colour?

An interesting talking point…