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A Fragrance for all Occasions, A Scent for all Seasons

Think a quick spray lasts all day?

You may not realise, but fragrances are specifically created for different times and different occasions. Lighter, citrus and floral based scents work best in daytime while heavier, woody and musky accords are perfect for evening wear. This isn’t a rule, but if you’re wondering which cologne to choose for the office or the nightclub, it’s a handy tip to remember.

When I’m at work or in a business meeting, I tend to choose something like Armaf El Cielo or Christian Dior Homme Cologne. They’re unobtrusive but effective and they won’t overpower your colleagues! Whereas for date night or a meal out with friends, I like to wear Christian Dior Sauvage, Givenchy Gentleman or Armaf’s Club de Nuit Intense. These fragrances are stronger, headier and make a bold statement.

This also applies to the seasons. For spring and summer, I go for fresh, clean, citrus-based scents. Armaf’s Paraty is perfect for this time of year. With its fresh, sweet burst of passionfruit on a bed of amber, it heralds the arrival of sunlight and the summer solstice. Whereas the crisp, cool air of autumn and winter is perfectly complimented by the masculine deeper notes of Armaf’s Ventana, or their Signature.

So before you reach for that same old bottle, think ahead to what the day will bring and choose accordingly. It could make all the difference!