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Men’s Fragrances for Autumn from Armaf

It’s that time of your again. Clear blue skies, crisp air and golden brown leaves. 

The month is October. Autumn has arrived.

Coats and jumpers are creeping back on to the streets again as our autumn wardrobes are thrown open for the final few months of the year.

Autumn is our favourite season here at Fragrance GQ, and there’s no better way to make a statement than in your choice of men’s fragrance.

Vibrant, citrus notes work so well alongside masculine, woody accords like cedar and sandalwood. Memories of my father arriving home from a freezing cold day at work – as he embraced me, I could smell the fantastic bouquet of notes doused in the spicy, woody scent of Aramis. This, for sure, is when my love for fragrance was born.

To really make an entrance with your men’s fragrance this autumn, we recommend Armaf’s Vitesse. Bold tangerine and bergamot merged together with spicy pink pepper really pack that autumnal punch and more. With cosy nutmeg in the background, this fragrance really envelops you on a crisp, autumn morning. Rounded off on a bed of cedar and patchouli, this is a fragrance that really sets you apart this season.

Another pick for this time of year is Ventana, also from Armaf. With its soft mandarin and wood, it’s perfect for daytime but also very much at home in front of a crackling log fire in the evening with a tumbler of whisky in the finest surroundings.

Our final pick is a mysterious, aromatic fougère fragrance in the form of Armaf Legesi. Lavender, sandalwood, oak moss and musk are all notes that work so well and are also fresh and green, which make them perfect for the time of year. This isn’t for everyone, though fragrance connoisseurs will be salivating just as we were at Fragrance GQ the first time we caught the heady, masculine aroma as it passed under our well-seasoned noses.

Three fragrances that we feel define Autumn in a bottle.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!